By Betmaker Team

One of the options you have in college basketball is to bet college basketball win totals. Online sportsbooks will post win totals for a lot of college basketball teams before the season begins. College basketball win totals are simply a college basketball future bet. You are betting on how many wins you think a particular college basketball team will get during the regular season. You can bet over or under the number posted by the online sportsbook. Let’s look at college basketball win totals.

The college basketball season begins each November and the regular season concludes in March. Online sportsbooks will start to post win totals for college basketball teams just before the regular season begins. You might start to see some of the win totals posted in late October, but the majority of online sportsbooks will start to post regular season win totals in early November.

College Basketball Win Total

Let’s look at an example of what you will see at an online sportsbook in terms of a college basketball win total. The Duke Blue Devils had a win total of 25.5 a couple of years ago. If you thought Duke was going to win 26 games or more for the season you would bet over the total. If you thought Duke would win 25 games or less then you would bet the under the win total of 25.5. Whatever amount you choose to bet on the Duke total would be based on the $110 to win $100 or the 11-10 equivalent. If your win total cashed then you would win $100 and also get your $110 returned to you.

College Basketball Win Total Advantages

When you make a college basketball win total wager at the online sportsbook you are making a futures bet. It is a wager that will keep you in action for most of the season. It is unlikely that your win total will be determined until at least late February and possibly early March. It is great to have action all season for the price of just one bet. And you don’t have to bet on just one team; you can bet multiple teams in college basketball win totals.

Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about covering the spread or last second bad beats with a win total. You are betting on the entire season, so the ups and downs of a long college basketball season are not as worrisome to you when you look at a wager for the long term. You may also be able to hedge a little bit late in the season when the team gets close to their regular season win total. You may want to bet on or against the team and hedge your season-long win total wager in the last few games of the regular season.

College Basketball Win Total Disadvantages

The one big disadvantage when it comes to betting college basketball win totals is the length of the college basketball season. When you place your win total wager in October or early November you are not going to know the result of your bet for months. Whatever amount of money you wagered is going to be tied up for at least four months. You will not be paid until the last game of the regular season has been played. It doesn’t matter if your bet won before the regular season was over, as most sportsbooks don’t pay out future bets until the regular season has concluded. If you are going to make a college basketball win total wager then you need to be prepared to have that amount of money tied up all season.

The other disadvantage that you might run into with college basketball win totals is the vigorish. Some sportsbooks will deal a 30-cent line or higher with the win totals. For example, you might have the win total on that Duke example of 25.5 and you have to lay -115 or -120 on either side you choose. It is never a great idea to bet into a 30 or 40-cent line but that is what you may see with college basketball win totals.

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