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Top 10 Best Celebrity Boxers, Part 1

We have seen a lot of bad celebrity boxers over the last few decades. There has been no shortage of minor celebrities wanting to have their name in the spotlight one last time for a little bit of cash and glory,

Top 20 Worst Celebrity Boxers, Part 1

There have been a lot of terrible celebrity boxing events over the last few decades. Although they are hated by many, internet celebrities Jake Paul and Logan Paul have brought respectability to the spectacle, as

Top 20 Worst Celebrity Boxers, Part 2

The first part of our Top 20 list highlighted a lot of minor celebrities that had no business being in a boxing ring. Paula Jones, William Perry, and Grant Bovey all appeared to spend little time training for their

History of Celebrity Boxing, Part 2

The abject failure of Celebrity Boxing on FOX didn’t hinder the overall concept as much as was expected. Although

Australian Open Odds and Picks

One of tennis’s biggest events begins Monday with the Australian Open kicking off in Melbourne. In the men’s division, we’ll see typical heavyweights Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic duking it out.

Brotherly Love – Best Brothers in NFL

The history of the NFL is much grander and more glorious than The League itself likes to promote. While Roger Goodell and his stooges focus on social justice politics, shakedown payoffs,

Cousins of the NFL

Antonio Brown has been in the news recently and for all of the wrong reasons. Brown is a seven-time Pro Bowler and won a Super Bowl ring last year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. On the

NFL Wild Card Odds – Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams

By Phil Simon

An NFC West matchup concludes Super Wild Card Weekend when the Arizona

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