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DeAndre Hopkins Odds

Where will former Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins end up? The soon-to-be...


AFC South Odds – Jaguars Favored to Win Back-To-Back Titles

The Tennessee Titans two-year reign atop the AFC South standings came to a crashing thud a season...


AFC West Odds – Chiefs Gunning for 8th Straight Division Title

The AFC West has been a dynasty driven division since the turn of the century. From 2000-02, it was...


AFC East Odds – Bills Favored to Win Fourth Straight Title

Wash, rinse, repeat; that’s been the “MO” of the Buffalo Bills over the last three seasons with...

NFL Betting – 2023 NFL Draft Props

With the 2023 NFL Draft just a few days away you can expect the rumors to start flying more than...


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