Super Bowl LVII Exotic Prop Bets

By Mike Rose

We’ve already attacked the quarterback, running back, and wide receiver positions from a player prop perspective for Super Bowl LVII. It’s now time to turn things up and see if we can’t make a few shekels investing in some of the more exotic prop bets currently on the board at PointsBet Sportsbook as well as other US regulated sportsbooks. Super Bowl Sunday is always the biggest wagering spectacle of the year, so why not close it out with a bang?! The best part about the exotics is that you don’t have to have a rooting interest in either team or the game of football for that matter. Examples of these wager types include the length of the national anthem, the color of Gatorade dumped on the winning coach, the song lineup of the halftime show, and much, much more. Betting in this market is mostly for fun, so don’t go throwing a mortgage payment down on who you think the winner of the MVP will thank first in his speech! Not all books are created equally when it comes to these wagers types, so shop around and see what they all have to offer. Without further ado, here are my exotic prop wagers for Super Bowl LVII.


Bet Super Bowl LVII Exotic Props at PointsBet Sportsbook


Coin Toss: Tails -105


It’s always bothered the you know what out of me that bookmakers charge a vig for the opening coin toss of the Super Bowl. The ultimate 50/50 proposition should be just that you greedy SOBs! I’ve been a tails never fails guy since the beginning of my Super Bowl betting career. It worked out nicely awhile back, but it’s started my big game viewing off on the wrong foot four of the last five seasons. It always seems that whenever I win the coin toss, I have a big showing at the window over the course of the game. Weird, huh?! I did however break that curse last year by backing Cincy plus the points. Regardless, I’m going to fade heads two-year win streak and go back to old faithful and pray to the football gods that the toss lands tails and I get to cash a ticket right out of the chute!


Opening Kick-Off to Result is a Touchback: No +140


This prop got a ton of burn last season and it had everything to do with Pat McAfee touting it to the millions of sports fans that tune into his show on a daily basis. Being a former kicker in the league, his point of view steamed the market to the point that it made the prop a stay away for me. But since everyone that listened to his advice got burned, “No” is once again offering up a plus-money return – I’m in! His reasoning is that the ball used for the opening kick is brand new and never been used. Nobody was able to get their greasy hands on it to break it in. That means it’s tougher to send for a ride being stiff and all. Here’s to hoping that opening kick is short and allows for LVII to open up with a return. Maybe an adrenaline boost forces the kicker to shank it and it goes out of bounds? I’m a beggar and I’ll choose that ;)


Points-Bet-Banner-Oct-04-2022-07-33-02-41-PMTotal Number of Coaches Challenges: Over 1.5 +250


With it being the final game of the season for all the marbles, the pressure cooker that is the Super Bowl could find head coaches hesitant to throw the red flag knowing full well that an incorrect challenge could cost them a crucial timeout. Andy Reid is no stranger to throwing the red hanky. The dude loves to challenge! Even if the video evidence isn’t very clear. He’s challenged a total of six plays this season, but half of them occurred in each of Kansas City’s playoff games against the Jaguars and Bengals. With the Lombardi Trophy on the line, Reid’s had no issue taking a closer look at the refs this postseason. A bet on the over likely requires to get at least one challenge from both coaches. That could prove to be a chore with Nick Sirianni who only challenged three plays during the regular season. That being said, he challenged seven times his rookie season in the City of Brotherly Love. With the amount of pressure both quarterbacks are likely to be under on Sunday, it’s highly possible challenge flags are thrown on both sides due to passes either deflected or arms hit right before release. The pay-off is too juicy not to take a stab!


Bet Super Bowl LVII Props at PointsBet Sportsbook