Week 8 NFL Parlay Picks

By Betmaker Team

We had four parlays a week ago and hit one of them so that meant a profitable week. We’ll stick to the same strategy for Week 8. We’ll look at four different 3-team NFL parlays this week with two of the parlays focusing on going against the public while the other two parlays will focus on teams that are hot and cold. One thing to consider in addition to simply taking the parlays at odds of 6-1 is to mix and match with the teams we list in these parlays. We’ll do well if we can get one of these three parlays to come through at odds of about 6-1. Let’s look at Week 8 NFL parlay picks.


Against the Public Parlay #1

Tampa Bay +1.5 vs. Baltimore Ravens

Chicago Bears +10.5 at Dallas Cowboys

Carolina Panthers +6 at Atlanta Falcons


The public has seen enough of Tom Brady and the Bucs and who can blame them? The Bucs were simply awful last week as they were beaten by a Panthers team using their third string quarterback and who has a new head coach and a new starting running back. The Ravens haven’t been anything special, but there is no question the public is going against the Bucs. That means we take Tampa as the first team in the parlay. The public doesn’t want anything to do with the Bears on the road in Dallas so that means we take the big points with Chicago as the second team in the parlay. The public is also going against the Panthers this week. What Carolina did last week is probably a fluke and Atlanta had been great against the spread until last week. The public is on the Falcons so we take the Panthers as the third team in the parlay.


Against the Public Parlay #2

Detroit Lions +3 vs. Miami Dolphins

Los Angeles Rams +2 vs. San Francisco 49ers

Cleveland Browns +3 vs. Cincinnati Bengals


The public doesn’t want anything to do with the Lions and it is hard to argue, as the Lions look like one of the worst teams in the NFL yet again. The Dolphins looked good last week and the public is on board. We go against the public and take the Lions plus the points for the first team in the parlay. The second game is a bit of a surprise, as the public is going against the Rams at home. The line on this game does seem out of whack, with the 49ers listed as road favorites, but the Rams haven’t played that well this season. The public likes the 49ers, so we take the Rams as the second team in the parlay. The last game is Monday night with the Browns at the Bengals. The Bengals are playing really well, while the Browns are struggling so the public is backing Cincinnati. We take the Browns plus the points as the last team in the parlay.


Red Hot Teams Parlay


If you want to go with teams that are playing well and simply try and ride out the streak then this parlay is for you.


Philadelphia Eagles -11 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Minnesota Vikings -3.5 vs. Arizona Cardinals

Tennessee Titans -1.5 at Houston Texans


The Eagles are the only unbeaten team in the NFL and they are playing a Pittsburgh team that is struggling on offense. We’ll ride the Eagles as the first team in the parlay. The Vikings are red-hot and coming off their bye, while the Cardinals are still up and down. We’ll take Minnesota as the second team. The Titans just continue to win games and now they are just a small favorite against Houston. This one seems too easy, and it scares us, but the Titans are hot so we go with Tennessee as the third game in the parlay.


Points-Bet-Banner-Oct-04-2022-07-33-02-41-PMGoing Against the Cold Teams Parlay


This parlay will go against teams that are really struggling right now and I know this parlay goes against a couple of teams listed above.


Miami Dolphins -3 at Detroit Lions

Buffalo Bills -10.5 vs. Green Bay Packers

Cincinnati Bengals -3 at Cleveland Browns


The Lions are once again a bad team and not playing well right now, so we take Miami as the first team in the parlay. The Packers have completely fallen apart and now they take on the Bills in Buffalo. Good luck with that one. We’ll take Buffalo as the second team in the parlay. The Browns are not playing well and now they face a Cincinnati team on a roll. We’ll take the Bengals as the third team in the parlay.


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