UFC Betting Strategies

By Betmaker Team

UFC betting strategies are all about making money. Whether it is betting UFC favorites, UFC underdogs, UFC props or even live UFC betting, there are a wide variety of ways to win money betting on UFC fights. We’ll break down the basic UFC betting strategies and then consider UFC props and we’ll also look at live UFC betting.

Basic UFC Betting Strategies

It doesn’t get much simpler than betting a fighter to win. That fighter may be favored or he may be listed as an underdog. UFC betting is based on money lines, so you are wagering on a favorite or an underdog. In the case of the favorite, you will have to win a certain percentage of the time just to break even, while if you bet on underdogs, you can hit 50% of your bets and still make money.

With basic UFC betting strategies it will be extremely important to manage your bankroll properly. The first step in any type of sports betting is to set aside a bankroll. This can be any amount of money, but it should be used exclusively for sports betting. When you make your UFC bets you want to be risking a small overall percentage of that bankroll. For example, let’s say you have $1000. You want to be wagering 10% or less of that bankroll on an individual bet. You would be better off at 5% or lower, but most people don’t want to go that small with their wagers. That is why many sports bettors lose money. It is always possible to get on a bad losing streak and have your bankroll wiped out if you are wagering too much of it at a time. Keep your bets to 5% or less of your overall bankroll and you will have a better chance at success.

Going right along with bankroll management is the advice to not chase losses. We all hate to lose money and we hate to have a losing night or a losing week. It is extremely tempting to chase losses in UFC betting. Don’t do it. Show enough discipline to only make bets that you would have made before a losing streak. Don’t start betting on everything just in an attempt to get your money back.

UFC Parlay Betting

One thing you can do with UFC betting that can be profitable is bet parlays. Because UFC fights are based on money lines and not pointspreads, you just need to pick a winner. There may be many instances where you put multiple favored fighters into a single parlay. You might have three or four fighters listed with odds of -200 or greater. You may not want to be risking $800 to win $400 on the four fighters, so you parlay the four fights together. It is still risky to bet parlays but in UFC betting there are some instances where putting together big favorites in a parlay can be profitable.

UFC Prop Betting

Sometimes there are UFC fights that give you more value on the props than on the basic betting lines. You may not see much value in the favorite or the underdog so you look at how the fight will end and you look at the rounds. The victory prop bet is betting on how the fight will end. You can choose a fighter to win by KO/TKO, submission or decision. You can get more favorable odds on these props because there are three different options. You can also find round props and bet on whether you think the fight will go over or under the posted rounds.

Live UFC Betting

We wanted to mention live UFC betting as a strategy. You can get excellent odds during the fight in live UFC betting. There are instances in UFC betting where you can get a heavy favorite at a better price in live UFC betting, especially if he or she gets off to a tough beginning. Conversely, you can get huge prices on underdogs that start slow. Don’t forget about live UFC betting as a strategy. There may be instances where you want to hedge out of a bet or there may be instances where you want to take advantage of the changing UFC betting odds. Live UFC betting gives you multiple opportunities to make money.

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