The Delay Factor of In-Game Betting and Streaming

By Betmaker Team

Many gamblers who have moved from cable to live streaming television have concerns about live in-game bets on sporting events.


It’s not that they don’t like the idea of live betting. In fact, it is quite the opposite, really. The thought that I get to make a real-money wager based on what they see in a game is very intriguing. But the delay is a major concern and challenge.


Consider that the lag time for online streaming television can be anywhere from 30 to 120 seconds. All television has a partial delay built in, but that extra 20-110 seconds (or more) while streaming can be a lifetime during a sporting event.


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Considering that it’s of utmost importance for online sportsbooks to be up to the second with their live lines, it’s not only hard to keep up while watching a streaming service, but it’s guaranteed to provide spoilers. 

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So, after being spoiled too many times, gamblers have had to adjust how they use other technology while watching sporting events. That means avoiding the latest tweets, turning off all score alerts, and, for the most part, not opening sportsbook apps. 


Many live betting markets are available at online sportsbooks, and they essentially fit into two categories. 


First, you have updated odds which are simply the sportsbooks adjusting what was available pregame to match what is happening in a game. 


Examples include two offenses getting off to a hot start and the total jumping by a handful of points. Or an underdog jumping out to a surprising lead and the moneyline moving them to a favorite while the spread shifts to them.


PointsBet Sportsbook ReviewThen there are in-game, which you cannot find before a game starts. Sportsbooks brand them differently, but they essentially allow you to bet on what will happen next. Will the next batter get a hit? Which team will be awarded the next corner kick? With the latter, however, you might as well not be watching the game.


If you’re using instant betting to add some intrigue to what you’re watching, you’re sadly out of luck as a cord-cutter. Especially if viewing the game is your top priority.

Sportsbooks have done a great job building live game trackers that show you what’s happening as a game is played.


Live ball movement and insights join the typical scores and stats at your fingertips. You can make informed decisions by what you’ll find in the app. And if you’re streaming a game live, you must do that.


The key is to go into the game with some plans: what are the potential events in the game you’re looking for, and what are the proper times to log in and make the bets while avoiding spoilers?


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