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UFC News – Week of December 1

UFC news for the week of December 1st features Justin Gaethje talking about his expected title shot, Chimaev Getting Hype, Early 2022 Fights Announced and Potential Fights for 2022. Let’s look at the UFC news for the week of December 1, 2021.


UFC Betting Odds

UFC betting odds are on the board at top online sportsbooks throughout the year. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the top mixed martial arts organization in the world and UFC betting odds are by far the most popular among MMA odds at online sportsbooks. Mixed martial arts have gained a lot of popularity over the past couple of decades and betting on UFC events is very popular. There are UFC events scheduled all throughout the year and that means UFC betting odds are on the board all the time.


UFC Betting Strategies

UFC betting strategies are all about making money. Whether it is betting UFC favorites, UFC underdogs, UFC props or even live UFC betting, there are a wide variety of ways to win money betting on UFC fights. We’ll break down the basic UFC betting strategies and then consider UFC props and we’ll also look at live UFC betting.


UFC Betting Underdogs

Many successful sports bettors like to bet underdogs. Can you bet underdogs in UFC betting and make money? It sounds really good to be getting plus money on all of your wagers, but plus money doesn’t help you very much if your fighter loses. UFC betting is based on money lines so there is no pointspread to even things out. You need to win a certain percentage of the time to win money when betting UFC underdogs. Let’s look at the numbers and whether betting UFC underdogs can be profitable.


UFC Betting Favorites

Can you make money betting UFC favorites? That is an interesting question considering you don’t usually have success betting favorites in sports betting. Is the UFC different than other sports in terms of betting favorites? Let’s look at this question and also consider some historical factors that will help us answer the question of betting on UFC favorites.