Super Bowl – Squares Offer A Lot for A Little


By Rock Westfall

There is betting on football and betting on the Super Bowl. Anyone that has done both will tell you that they are entirely different endeavors.

 Certainly, betting on regular NFL games is the most popular sports betting choice of the masses. But betting on the Super Bowl is a dynamic at an entirely different level. The Super Bowl draws plenty of betting action from non-football fans. And there are bets among bets not normally popular in the regular season. People are looking for a reason to gamble on anything and everything regarding the Super Bowl. Including action on Super Bowl Futures. But one of the most popular ways to bet the Super Bowl is an old favorite; Super Bowl squares.


Super Bowl Predictions – Super Bowl Squares

On the whole, Super Bowl squares is an easy way to get everyone involved in gambling activities with the Super Bowl Lines. Also knowns as a Super Bowl “pool,” this type of wagering is a game within a game. The beauty of Super Bowl squares is that nobody needs any football expertise to play. In fact, participants don’t even need to know what football is. The best way to look at Super Bowl squares is that it is random. Squares can even be compared to a lottery.

Super Bowl squares are played by experts and novices alike. Sharps are not above buying a few squares just to enhance their more expensive action. The most sophisticated handicappers will purchase plenty of squares to add to the excitement of Super Sunday. And grandmas that never watch football will buy squares too, just for “entertainment purposes only.”

The beauty of squares is that everyone is equal. The biggest whale in Vegas has the same chance as the novice that never watches football. The Golden Rule of Super Bowl squares is understanding that it is all about luck. There is no science or strategy to it. And that is what makes everyone equal who plays Super Bowl squares!


Super Bowl Bets – Object of the Game for Squares

Super Bowl squares are easy to understand. The game's object is to have the square that matches up to the score of the last digit of each team at the end of every quarter, along with the final score. Super Bowl squares payouts come at the end of each quarter and the end of the game with the final score.

Odds to win the Super Bowl - How to Play Squares

Each square has a corresponding row and column number. At the end of each quarter, look to see if those two numbers match the end digits of each team’s point total. For example, after the first quarter, if it is Rams 10, Bengals 7, then the player with the square that corresponds with 0 for Los Angeles and 7 for Cincinnati is the winner.

The setup for Super Bowl squares is simple. A pool consists of 10 vertical columns and 10 horizontal rows thatched together and numbered from zero to nine. One Super Bowl team gets the columns, and the other gets the rows. Each of the 100 squares inside is purchased individually.

At the end of every quarter, the person whose square corresponds with the second digit of each team’s score wins (for example, a 14–7 score at the end of the first quarter pays out the owner of the square at row 4, column 7). Often, if a square is unowned, you can roll over the money to the next quarter.


Online betting Super Bowl – Advanced Squares Rules

The basic game is the most common version, but many pools add extra winning layers. The more chances to cash, the more fun a squares pool can be.

The most often employed addition to the standard game is winning on “touching” squares. This means the cells immediately adjacent to the winning square–both vertically and horizontally–also win.

You must have one of the two winning numbers to have a touching square. The prize is usually significantly less than the winning square for that quarter. Sometimes, it’s just getting your entry fee back. Touching squares can still occur if the winning cell is on the edge of the grid.

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