Super Bowl – Props Betting Strategies

By Betmaker Team

By Rock Westfall

The Masters Golf Tournament is known as “A Tradition Unlike Any Other.” Well, when it comes to the Super Bowl, a similar title is apropos; “A Worldwide Betting Event Unlike Any Other.”

There is more money wagered on the Super Bowl each year than on anything else. Most sports don’t draw the wagering activity of the one-day Super Bowl all season long. These days with the multiple wagering options offered by online gambling, the avalanche of Super Bowl wagering handle is only exacerbated like never before. While many squares associate Super Bowl gambling with sides and totals, the offerings go far beyond that.

Perhaps the most popular Super Bowl betting alternative is props. Indeed, props betting took the Super Bowl by storm decades ago. But today’s props board is not that of your father’s. Never has there been more props and

Super Bowl Futures than today.


Super Bowl Predictions – Props Betting Overview

Of course, there is the old Super Bowl props joke about betting on heads or tails for the coin toss. And that option is certainly still available for “entertainment purposes only.” But that only scratches the surface for what is available with the Super Bowl Lines. Today you can get props on everything, including live (in-game) betting props.

Once upon a time, props were considered something done for fun. Today, it has become a science. Skilled handicappers will now spend considerable time and effort on Super Bowl props betting strategies.

Today, we will examine the basics of props handicapping and betting. What is most amazing is that the same basic principles used for making Super Bowl Bets on sides and totals apply for props.


Odds to win the Super Bowl – The Fundamentals of Props Betting

The first thing to consider when looking at any props odds on the board is the same thing you would for a side or total. Value and price are of paramount importance. Along the same lines, keep in mind that the general public is betting on props more than ever before. Thus, you have the added challenge of factoring square money into the price of any props that you bet.

The old days of finding weak opening lines are over. Now, soft lines, if there are any at all, emerge after gambling action commences, and the casual money comes in. Once the sharps see where the square cash is going, that is when they make their moves to find the best and worst prices.


Online betting Super Bowl – First Touchdown Scorer

A great example of betting value comes from this year’s Super Bowl LVI odds on the first player to score a touchdown. It is no surprise that Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp is the betting favorite at +500 to score that first TD on Super Sunday.

Cooper Kupp has blasted on the scene as the newest great receiver in the game. Kupp caught 145 passes for 1947 yards and 16 touchdowns in the regular season. And then, in the 2021 NFL Playoffs, he caught 25 passes for 386 yards and four touchdowns. Kupp is one of the biggest names in fantasy football, and that carries over to the Super Bowl prop on who scores the first touchdown.

Remember, for any bet on the board; the oddsmakers know what the gambling public is thinking. Sure, Kupp is an excellent choice to score the first touchdown on Super Sunday. But is the opening price of +500 worth the risk?

Any good bet matches a quality choice with a good price. Gamblers must figure out of Kupp brings a good enough price for the probability that he can score the opening touchdown.

Another factor to consider is the other team. For example, it’s reasonable to assume the Bengals' defense will key on Kupp all game long. And that Bengal defense is the unit that suffocated the powerful Kansas City Chiefs in the second half of the AFC Championship Game. It stands to figure that a team that can stop the Chiefs can create a way to stop Cooper Kupp.

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