Super Bowl LVIII Prop Picks

By Mike Rose

I’ve attacked quarterback, running back, and wide receiver props as well as the MVP odds for Super Bowl LVIII. Now it’s time to get a bit freaky and see if we can’t hit some game props as well as some Super Bowl specials the folks at Caesars Sportsbook cooked up for the big game. Super Bowl Sunday is always the biggest wagering spectacle of the year, so why not close it out with a bang?! Don’t go overboard however thinking you won’t be able to enjoy the game without having action on everything. It’s just one game peeps. Enjoy the company. Enjoy the food. Enjoy the drink. Most of all have fun celebrating the final game of what’s been another quality season; even if we all have to watch the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl for what already feels like the millionth straight time. Without further ado, here are some out of the box prop picks I’ve added to my portfolio for Super Bowl LVIII.


Bet Super Bowl LVIII Props at Caesars Sportsbook


Coin Toss: Tails -105


It has always frustrated me to no end that bookmakers charge a fee for the opening coin toss of the Super Bowl. The ultimate 50/50 chance should be just that – give the people what they want you greedy bastages! Before every Super Bowl, you’ll hear me chanting "tails never fails." It’s my go to wager to kick off the proceedings and it’s treated me very kindly of late with it cashing six of seven times dating back to XLVIII when the ‘Legion of Doom’ rolled up and smoked Peyton Manning.


Then heads decided to make an appearance in two straight before tails didn’t fail again last year in that epic game between the Chiefs and Eagles that the refs tarnished forever. If this bad boy comes up tails, look out – the Niners are winning this game. It’s crazy, but whenever I hit the coin toss, I do incredibly well in the big game. The Super Bowl has fattened my bankroll up nicely with the toss landing tails seven times over the last decade!


Give Me The Ball: McCaffrey 50+ Rush Yards in Each Half +300


Caesars is offering a number of attractive Super Bowl Player Specials, but this is the one that caught my eye the most when taking into consideration the fact that I believe Christian McCaffrey goes HAM in LVIII. I’ve already hammered a number of RUN CMC player props and did my best Nostradamus impression by predicting what his stat line will look like following the big game. It will read as such (23/123/2). Only Baltimore and Chicago ran the ball at a higher percentage clip than San Francisco this season. It doesn’t matter whether the Niners are winning or losing, Kyle Shanahan always makes it a point to run the football and that’s something I dig about the man!


Running up against the Chiefs 18th ranked run D that’s been carved up for 4.5 yards per carry (#26), No. 23 is going to get a ton of burn in this matchup. His ability to consistently rip off chunk yardage will put him in a position to churn out a balanced stat sheet with 50+ yards most certainly attainable in each half.


First In Last Out Parlay: Travis Kelce to Score the First TD and the Last TD of the Game +5000


Now wouldn’t this just be the perfect cherry on top of a beautifully scripted 2023-24 NFL betting season? Seriously, if Taylor Swift were writing lyrics about her relationship with Travis Kelce for her next big hit, wouldn’t the end of it have something to do with her beau scoring the game winning touchdown in the biggest game of the year? My bankroll prays that scenario isn’t how Super Bowl LVIII ultimately plays out, but it must be noted that it can still occur and the 49ers still go on to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Just in case this is how NFL writers pen it to go down, I might as well cash a ticket I’ll be talking about until I’m six feet under.


Bet Super Bowl LVIII Player Props at Caesars Sportsbook