SI (Sports Illustrated) Sportsbook (Formerly 888) Bonus

By Betmaker Team

The legendary Sports Illustrated magazine has been a marquee brand for 68 years. Back in the day, being on the cover of Sports Illustrated was a coveted position for any professional athlete. To this day, it remains one of the top magazines in the sports industry.


Sports Illustrated, through a partnership with established gambling brand 888, has now transitioned into the world of online sports betting. SI Sportsbook began in Colorado last year and is now expanding beyond the borders of the Centennial State. Virginia was the second state to offer SI Sportsbook, taking its first bets in May 2022.


First, keep in mind that SI Sportsbook does things differently than other sportsbooks when it comes to their new customer bonus. Their free money offer is one of the best in the business!


Following signup and making an initial deposit with SI Sportsbook promo code HANDLE, put down a bet of at least $5 with odds no greater than -120 within the first seven days of owning the account, and you’re all set. If the wager wins, you’ve got $100 in free bets coming your way. Within 72 hours of the wager settling, SI Sportsbook will credit your account with four separate $25 free bets.



Free bet tokens are a cash replacement, but there are a few small differences. First, they’re for set amounts. For this promo, each of the $25 bets must be entirely wagered. For example, you can’t break it up into 5 x $5 bets.



Additionally, you can’t add the $25 free bet to $25 in real money to create one $50 wager as it must be kept separate. In this instance, you would just want to place two different wagers; one with the free bet and one with cash. Further, all free bet tokens will expire in one week, so be sure to place them.


Finally, SI Sportsbook free bets can’t be cashed out early, and the value of the free bet is NOT included in the final earnings from the wager. For example, a successful bet using one of the $25 free bets at +100 odds would return $25 total – the winnings from the wager. In the same circumstance, with a cash bet, you would receive $50 back ($25 for your initial stake + $25 in winnings).


Similar rules apply to playing in any US retail casino, but with a few tweaks to account for the online aspect of the SI Sportsbook. First and foremost, you must be at least 21 years of age or older, so if you are under 21, you won’t make it through the first step of registration.


Secondly, to place a bet, you must be physically located inside the legal state where you create an account. You can sign up from out of town, make financial transactions and talk to customer service, but to place a bet, you must have both feet firmly established in a state where SI Sportsbook is legal and live.


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