Pokers & Pairs Blackjack at BetRivers

By Betmaker Team

Players who love blackjack will enjoy Poker & Pairs Blackjack that can be played at the BetRivers Casino. When you can play Blackjack Poker & Pairs, why limit yourself to just one blackjack hand at a table? Play three seats at once to increase your chances of winning big! Add some excitement to your blackjack game with these two side bets: pairs and poker. Win up to 30-to-1 or even 100-to-1. You've never seen wins this large in a blackjack game! When playing poker, you want to assemble a strong hand with the dealer's up card and the cards you were initially dealt. You also want your first two cards to be a pair. For extra activity and opportunities to win big, you can place both side bets! Additionally, all of your favorite wagers are available here, including insurance, split, and double-down bets. Your table is ready for a whole new level of play!

The Blackjack Poker & Pairs table game was created by IGT. They have created some of the most popular slots of all time from their base in Nevada, but their interests lie in so much more than just slots games. Through titles like this, they are able to offer a comprehensive list of casino games for players of all tastes.

This table game is well-designed but simple. Having just the felt and the markings of a blackjack table helps to bring some of the authenticity of the land-based casino experience to you.


When you play Blackjack Poker & Pairs online for the first time, you need to make sure you understand the various rules of the game. Every game of online blackjack will have slightly different rules. In this game, the dealer will always draw on 16 but stand on 17.


Bet-Rivers-Banner-Sep-29-2022-03-57-25-53-PM-4There are two optional side bets you can play in this table game. One is called Pairs. If you are dealt a pair, you will receive an extra bonus payout if you have opted for the Pairs side bet. The other is the Pokers side bet. Choosing to bet here means that you can be granted a small outcome based on the cards that you are dealt, and the dealer’s up-card.


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The minimum bet that you can place in the Blackjack Poker & Pairs online table game is 1 credit, and the maximum is 3333 credits per hand. The game has an RTP of 99.6%, and you can collect some of the following wins:




Poker Suited 3 of a Kind (side bet) 100 to 1


Poker Straight Flush (side bet) 35 to 1


Poker Three of a Kind (side bet) 33 to 1


Pairs Suited Pair (side bet) 30 to 1


Poker Straight (side bet), Pairs Colored Pair (side bet) 10 to 1


Poker Flush (side bet), Pairs Mixed Pair (side bet) 5 to 1


Blackjack 3 to 2


Insurance 2 to 1


Wins 1 to 1


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The Blackjack Poker & Pairs game is great for someone who wants to explore blackjack for the first time. Pick up the rules, try out the side bets, and master the game of blackjack here!