Open Championship Prop Picks

By Tom Wilkinson

Golf’s final major of the season presents golf bettors with a plethora of betting options, including The Open Championship props. Whenever we get a major event, we’ll see sportsbooks put up a lot of different props. Some of the most popular ones are whether there will be a hole-in-one, whether there will be a playoff, margin of victory, etc. There are also some interesting ones that go beyond the obvious like whether a player will shoot a round of 61 or lower and specific props on the 72nd hole of the tournament. Let’s look at some of the odds and Open Championship prop picks.


Will Any Player Shoot a 61 or Lower in Any Round?

Yes +1100

No -5000

This is not the automatic no that you might think it would be in a major. If the wind doesn’t kick up in one of the rounds you will see some good scores. I still don’t think we’ll see a 61 and there is not enough value for me to take this prop, but I am sure not betting the No.


Tournament Winning Score of 267 (-21) or Better

Yes +350

No -560

It is hard to predict the weather in Scotland and doing so is really kind of foolish, but oddsmakers believe we are going to see some good scores. It is not out of the question to see three days of really good conditions and if that happens, we could see a score approach -20 and a 267 is not out of the question. Again, I don’t know if we are getting enough value at +350, but it is worth thinking about.


Will there be a Hole-In-One

Yes +120

No -162

This prop is available in almost every major and it seems bettors only want to take the Yes and recently they have been rewarded. I don’t know that you are getting enough value on this prop in taking the Yes and I have had very little luck going against the grain, so if I was to play for a hole-in-one I think I would combine it with the playoff and try for the big payout.


Winning Margin

Playoff +400

1 Stroke +225

2 Strokes +350

3 Strokes +600

4 Strokes or More +275


Wire to Wire Winner

Yes +1200

No -10000


Winner to Eagle 72nd Hole

Yes +2000


Winner to Birdie the 72nd Hole

Yes +163

No -225


Winner to Par the 72nd Hole

Yes -134

No +100


Winner to Bogey the 72nd Hole

Yes +1400

No -10000


Winner to Play in Final Group in Round 4

Yes -250

No +180


DraftKings Sportsbook Review

DraftKings Sportsbook Props

Big Guns vs. The Field

The Field -400

Big Guns +300

(McIlroy, Scheffler, Rahm, Schauffele)

This is always one of the interesting props and in this case, we get four of the world’s top golfers against the field. Let’s say you like the Big Guns. Are you better off just playing each of the four to win? You get 9-1, 12-1, 14-1 and 16-1 on the four golfers. That would be a $400 outlay. If any of the four wins, then you are better off playing them individually. The drawback is that you have to shell out four bets and $400 instead of just a single $100 bet. I still think that is the way to go. If you like these four, bet them individually.


Hole-in-One and Playoff

Yes +800

We know that the chances of a hole-in-one are about 50-50 based on the odds and a playoff is at about 3-1. If you want to combine the two you get a very juicy price of +800. The last time The Open was held at St. Andrews there was an ace. A total of 21 Open Championships have gone to a playoff, including in 2015 when it was held at St. Andrews.


Will There be an Albatross?

Yes +1600

There has only been one recorded albatross in Open history at St. Andrews and that was in 2000. It is interesting to note, however, that today’s golfers are hitting it farther than ever before. The 5th is playing at just 570 yards and golfers could get there in two. An albatross is still very unlikely, but if you want to roll the dice on a big longshot, then it could be worth a look.