NHL Picks – NHL Prop Bets Overview

By Betmaker Team

NHL prop bets are used as side wagers placed on various instances within a game that doesn’t affect the game's outcome.

 These props can be based on anything and are at the online sportsbook's discretion. The oddsmakers can create NHL props for anything that they fancy. A good example of an NHL prop bet is predicting which team will score first in the game. These days most prop bets are tied to player performance. Remember, these props don’t affect the outcome of the NHL Picks Today game at all. Gamblers can wager on various player props that are updated in real-time as the game progresses.

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NHL Betting – How NHL Prop Betting Works

Most of the Betting on the NHL player props are in the form of a total. A bettor can wager on the number of goals a player might get in the game. The most popular NHL player prop betting for gamblers would be, for example, if you placed a wager on how many points Connor McDavid would get in a game. The oddsmakers set the lines as an over/under, and you have to predict if the player will score more or less than that fixed-line.

The line could look something like this:

  • Connor McDavid over 4 points (-110)
  • Connor McDavid under 4 points (-110)

For this example, you have to determine how many points Connor McDavid will get in the game, including goals and assists, and if your handicap is higher or lower than the projected 4. If you choose to bet the over, you are saying that McDavid will exceed 4 points that game. If you bet the under, you wager that McDavid will get less than 4 points.

If McDavid gets exactly 4 points, you will have an NHL Free Picks push and receive your wager back.  Sportsbooks will often make half points in their lines to avoid this, like 4.5 to force the over/under.

You will notice the NHL Betting Picks odds are evenly spread on both bets because the likelihood of both of these is relatively the same. Online sportsbook oddsmakers have an excellent reputation for determining player prop odds, and the actual total is usually spot on.

Some other NHL player prop bets you can bet on for any game include props for goals scored, shots taken, assists, and saves for goalies.


NHL Best Picks – Advantages of Props Betting

There are several advantages to playing NHL props for the prudent gambler. Many professional gamblers prefer prop bets to actual game or in-game wagering.

Wagering on the moneyline or puck line outcome can become boring. Also, it limits the ability to find weak lines. NHL props can offer many more opportunities to exploit soft lines and make more money. Best of all, you are not tied to prices based on actual teams, good or bad.

Instead, even if a specific team is bad, you can still get value out of their best players. When betting player props, the team doesn’t have to win, but if you bet on scoring machines such as Connor McDavid, you can still win big money while not having to worry much about how the Oilers perform as a whole.

Finding great value is another important piece of NHL prop betting. Even if the game is a terrible matchup of boring teams or a mismatch of great vs. bad, you can still salvage the betting opportunity by choosing a few props that you can almost guarantee will cash.

And if the game matchup has odds not to your liking, you can still be in on the action by wagering top dollar on props. This option allows you to pick a few winners and walk away with extra betting dollars for each game.


Conventional Options

In addition to player props, other prop bets can tie into NHL Futures betting, which means that a prop wager will be active throughout the duration of the NHL season. An example would be over/Under bets on goals, assists, or points for a player in a season.

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