NFL Week 15 Parlay Picks

By Betmaker Team

We had four parlays last week and had a lot of bad luck, just missing on hitting three of the parlays. We say all the time that mixing and matching these teams is not a bad idea. We’ll look at five different NFL parlays this week with the first three focusing on going against the public. History has shown that going against the public in NFL betting works, so our first three parlays will focus on going against the public. We will also go with the hot teams and cold teams parlays. One thing to consider in addition to simply taking the parlays at odds of 6-1 is to mix and match with the teams we list in these parlays. We’ll do well if we can get one of these parlays to come through at odds of about 6-1. Let’s look at Week 15 NFL parlay picks.


Against the Public Parlay #1

Seattle Seahawks +3.5 vs. San Francisco 49ers

Indianapolis Colts +4.5 at Minnesota Vikings

Washington Commanders -4.5 vs. New York Giants


We’ll start this week with going against the 49ers. There is no question that the public is going to be backing the red-hot 49ers, so we go against the public and take the Seahawks plus the points on Thursday night. The public is going against the Colts and taking an overrated Minnesota team this week. That means we take the Colts plus the points. The public likes the points in the big rivalry game on Sunday night between Washington and New York, so we go against the public and take Washington minus the points.


Against the Public Parlay #2

New Orleans Saints -4.5 vs. Atlanta Falcons

Chicago Bears +8.5 vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Jacksonville Jaguars +5 vs. Dallas Cowboys


The public is backing the Falcons this week plus the points against the Saints. We go against the public and take the Saints minus the points. The next two teams are no surprise, as the public is taking the league’s best team, the Philadelphia Eagles and the public is backing the Cowboys as well. We go against the public and take the Bears plus the points and the Jaguars plus the points.



Against the Public Parlay #3

Denver Broncos -2.5 vs. Arizona Cardinals

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3.5 vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Green Bay Packers -7 vs. Los Angeles Rams


It is a big week for the public, as they have three more plays. The public is going against the Broncos, so we take Denver minus the small number against Arizona. The public is going against the Bucs and taking the red-hot Bengals, so we take the Bucs plus the points. The public is also going against the Packers, so we take Green Bay minus the points against the Rams.


Going Against the Cold Teams Parlay

Kansas City Chiefs -14 at Houston Texans

Arizona Cardinals +2.5 at Denver Broncos

Philadelphia Eagles -8.5 at Chicago Bears


The three worst teams in the NFL are Houston, Denver and Chicago so we will go against each team this week in this parlay. The Texans did cover last week against Dallas, but it won’t be easy this week against the Chiefs. The Broncos have been a mess all season with Russell Wilson at quarterback but the Cardinals haven’t been any better with Kyle Murray. The Cardinals won’t have Murray, as it will be Colt McCoy at quarterback and the Broncos may not have Wilson. The Eagles are rolling, so they are big favorites against a struggling Chicago team.


Going With the Hot Teams Parlay

San Francisco 49ers -3.5 at Seattle Seahawks

Buffalo Bills -7.5 vs. Miami Dolphins

Cincinnati Bengals -3.5 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Philadelphia Eagles -8.5 at Chicago Bears

Dallas Cowboys -5 at Jacksonville Jaguars


In this parlay we continue to ride teams that are playing well. There are five teams that are red-hot so you can mix and match these teams or simply take a flyer on all five teams covering the spread. The two hottest teams are San Francisco and Cincinnati, as the 49ers have won six in a row, while the Bengals have won five straight. The Bills, Eagles and Cowboys are each on four-game winning streaks.

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