NFL Sends Mixed Messages on its Betting Policy

By Betmaker Team

Last week the NFL announced that CJ Moore and Quintez Cephus of the Detroit Lions, along with Shaka Toney of the Washington Commanders, were hit with indefinite suspensions for betting on NFL games during the 2022 season. Since PASPA was overturned, these three players mark the third, fourth, and fifth players suspended for betting on the NFL. Josh Shaw was the first, and, more famously, Calvin Ridley was the second.


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It is time to get serious about betting on the NFL. An “indefinite suspension” is toothless if you can apply for reinstatement after a year. And since both Shaw and Ridley were reinstated (though Shaw hasn’t played since), it would only seem fair and reasonable that the trio of Moore, Cephus, and Toney get reinstated themselves.


It is fair to ask how many more players must get caught betting on NFL games before the league goes for the death penalty. This punishment is likely being discussed in league offices.


For six games each, the two other players suspended, Jameson Williams and Stanley Berryhill, did not bet on NFL games.


According to Williams’ agent, it was due to a technical rule regarding the location of the online bet. And which would otherwise be allowed by the NFL outside the club’s facility. The agent added that Jameson would never intentionally jeopardize the integrity of the game he loves so much and looks forward to getting back to his team as soon as possible.


According to other reports, Williams and Berryhill placed at least one bet on college football, which is legal in the NFL’s eyes, but they placed that bet from somewhere on team premises.


So if players bet from a strip club or whore house in the company of drug dealers, that would be OK with The League. But taking Alabama and the points while walking from the practice field to the sauna? That’s worthy of a suspension.


Where’s the logic? Bet on the NFL, get caught, legitimately put the league at risk, and catch a year-long suspension. Or bet on college football games from the team bus, and catch a six-game suspension. One should be a banned-for-life situation. The other should not be a penalty at all. 


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