NFL Betting – NFC West Title Odds

By Mike Rose

So who had the Seattle Seahawks been the only team to come up with a win in the NFC West following the Week 1 festivities? If a hand is up right now you’re a bold-faced liar – nice try! Due to the San Francisco 49ers falling flat in the Windy City monsoon and the Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals spitting the bit at home in underdog roles, there’s been a good amount of movement within the division title futures odds at PointsBet Sportsbook that must be looked into with a fine-toothed comb.


This division saw three teams qualify for the playoffs a season ago. I’d be willing to throw a hefty sum on that phenomenon not occurring a second year in a row. Every one of these teams has more questions than answers right now, so let’s weed through all the noise and see if we can’t churn out some future winners amongst the madness.


Bet NFC West Title Odds at PointsBet Sportsbook


Los Angeles Rams +125

Oddsmakers still have the defending Super Bowl champs lined as the odds-on favorites to repeat as division champs. Sorry, but I’m not buying it. While I’m not going to read too much into the 31-10 beatdown at the hands of Buffalo, the Bills took advantage of a number of things that had me bearish on this team entering the regular season. And yes, I do have an under 10.5 wins ticket in my possession.


For starters, I’m not a fan of this offense. I wasn’t last year either, but Cooper Kupp happened. He simply doesn’t have a partner in crime to take any of the pressure off his shoulders this time around. Allen Robinson is washed. Cam Akers still isn’t 100 percent.


Matthew Stafford is playing with a bum-throwing arm and is getting up there in age. Save for Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey, the defense is nowhere near as good as it was a year ago. Let JQP buy into this team repeating all they want, I’ve got eyes on another contender.


San Francisco 49ers +180

Don’t let last week’s ugly loss in the rain deter you from believing the 49ers are the team to beat in this division. Yes, Trey Lance looked horrific in his season debut. Yes, the offense will be without Elijah Mitchell for the foreseeable future. That still won’t stop me from taking advantage of the value that came about from the shocking 19-10 loss in Chicago. Kyle Shanahan’s men entered that game +130 pups to win the NFC West. After coming up short, the offering has swelled to +180 which is nearly where the Niners resided in the offseason.


Though it didn’t display it in the second half of last week’s game, San Fran owns by far the best defense in this division if not the entire NFC. Seriously, don’t let last week’s wet track prevent you from seeing the forest for the trees. The 49ers possess the easiest schedule strength of the four competitors and get the benefit of playing seven of their final nine games in the comforts of Levi’s Stadium. This is the team you want to be investing in to win this division right now!

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Arizona Cardinals +450

The season was over before it even began for the Arizona Cardinals. The front office did next to nothing to shore up a roster that ran out of steam in the second half of the last two seasons, and it entered the regular season without a chamber full of all its bullets. Deandre Hopkins is still suspended for the next five games, and you just know Kyler Murray is going to suffer an injury that knocks him out of a couple games.


On top of all that, Kliff Kingsbury is one of the worst coaches in the entire league. Him offering up the third shortest odds to be the first coach fired hardly comes as a surprise (+500). Making matters even worse is the league’s ninth toughest schedule. We all just witnessed what went down against Kansas City!


I want absolutely nothing to do with this team and will look to fade this team on a weekly basis with regularity.


Seattle Seahawks +900

If the Seahawks fail to win another game the remainder of the season, their team picture will still go on the wall of bookmakers across the world after Pete Carroll’s troops staged the biggest upset of the opening weekend. I mean seriously, did anyone bet Seattle last Monday night?! I kid, I kid – fully aware the number closed -6. Still, the end result of the Monday nighter was a huge get for those booking the bets.


Crashing back down to reality, the Seahawks simply don’t have enough in the tank to make the NFC West title race a bit more interesting. I applaud Geno Smith for the way he performed Monday night, but I’m selling him being able to pull off that efficient type of effort week in and week out. Remember, the game against the Broncos would’ve gone much differently had Denver’s running backs been able to hold onto the ball near the goal line. Oh yeah, there was also that ridiculous end-game clock management and 64-yard field goal attempt that cemented the win.


A lot went right for Seattle in that one, but a move from 25-1 to 9-1 because of it to win the division a second time in the last three years is simply preposterous in my book.