How to Bet Esports

By Betmaker Team

Esports are blowing up. No genre of sports betting is growing faster than Esports, and there are games for everyone. If you’re a fan of first-person shooters, there is CS:GO and Call of Duty. If you like MOBAs, you know all about League of Legends and DotA 2. Sports video games continue to shine with Madden, FIFA, and NBA2K leading the way, and Hearthstone, Super Smash Brothers, and Rocket League have sizable audiences too.


CS:GO Betting

There are multiple ways to bet on CS:GO. You can bet on CS:GO moneylines if you are looking for the most basic bet, or you could bet on game spreads, round spreads, or totals. With game spreads, you are always using -1.5 lines as most series are best-of-three in CS:GO, but round spreads can vary dramatically. You might see spreads as high as 7.5 as there can be some awfully big differences between the elite teams in CS:GO and everyone else.


Call of Duty Betting

Call of Duty’s Esports scene is set up differently than CS:GO. Unlike CS:GO which only runs the Search and Destroy game type, Call of Duty offers S&D, Hardpoint, and Domination. There is individual map betting with Call of Duty, and you can also bet the moneyline too. Prior to major events in the Call of Duty League, you will also be able to bet on which team will win the event, and there are some sizable payouts.


League of Legends Betting

The most popular Esport in the world is League of Legends. It’s fanbase is immense with leagues in 12 different regions, so there is betting on League of Legends available for the vast majority of the year. Regions are set up in different ways, so some regions will have series and game betting available in the regular season because they have best-of-three series, while others will only offer individual game betting as teams play just one game a day.


There are a few different prop bets for League of Legends. You can bet on how long the game will last, the amount of time it will take to finish the game, and which team will pick up the first kill and the first turret. In the postseason, there are additional prop bets, and you can bet on head-to-head KDA ratios and a few other selective props.


DotA 2 Betting

You will find similar ways to bet on DotA 2. There is individual game betting and series betting in DotA 2, and there is also betting on the first kill and the first turret destroyed. The biggest event in DotA 2 is The International, and betting on The International is more popular than any other event. There are event-specific props for The International too, like how big the prize pool will be.


Madden Betting

If you’re a football fan, betting on Madden might be right up your alley. There are the same bets in Madden that you find in an NFL game, as you can bet on the spread, the moneyline, and the total. You can bet on the first team to score as well, and some online sportsbooks will offer player props too.


FIFA Betting

The king of the sports video games is FIFA, and betting on FIFA is more prevalent than any other sports video game. With FIFA betting, you can wager on the Asian Handicap, the three-way line, and the total, and you can also bet on first half and second half lines. There are more options for betting on FIFA than any other sports video game, so you’ll have multiple chances to get in on the action.


NBA2K Betting

Betting on basketball is becoming more popular each year, and betting on NBA2K is growing right alongside of it. As with the other sports video games, there are the same sports betting options available with the game as with the sport, so you can bet on the spread, total, and the moneyline.


Social Media

Keep an eye on social media when betting on Esports. Players are more prone to break news with Esports than in traditional sports, and there is constant turnover on rosters in certain video games. CS:GO is notorious for this, as some players will quit or be replaced as little as 24 hours before an event.