FOX Bet Sportsbook Basics

By Betmaker Team

You must be of legal gambling age in order to place a wager at FOX Bet. As a result, you must be 21 years of age or older to open an account. Another prerequisite for placing a wager is that you must be physically present in a state where this sportsbook holds a valid license. You don't have need to live in one of these states to place a real-money wager, but you must be geo-located there. You can register, make deposits, and withdraw money from outside your state.


The book offers a wide range of betting possibilities to those who qualify to sign up at FOX Bet. Not only are we discussing more common wagers like money lines and point spreads, but also some more unusual bets like the ones listed below:


  • Totals (team totals, half-time totals, etc.)
  • Props (scoring props, team and player props)
  • Future predictions for a team, such as who will win the NBA Championship
  • Future predictions for players, such as who will win the NBA MVP Award
  • Parlays, including those for the same game
  • Live wagers
  • Custom wagers

FoxBet Sportsbook ReviewSadly, FOX Bet does not provide conventional teaser wagers. As an alternative, you might buy points, which is a kind of teaser wager. Every half-point you add or subtract from the total spread affects the pricing. Because you may choose how many points you wish to take or offer, this is actually a better option than a standard teaser bet.


You won't have many issues placing bets because this sportsbook's whole user interface was created with user ease in mind. The website is largely easy to navigate, albeit occasionally some pages take a long time to load. The bet slip has a good layout and a ton of built-in capabilities, which makes navigating it simple.


And the program is incredibly trustworthy, which is the finest part. There aren't any bugs or lags of any kind, so you won't have to worry about placing your bets late. All of this applies to both the FOX Bet mobile app and its website-based book.