FOX Bet App Features

By Betmaker Team

FOX Bet can be downloaded using your Apple or Android phone. There are two versions of the app that can be downloaded, one for iOS users (iPhones and iPads) that can be found in the App store, and one for Android users that can be found on the FOX Bet website or in the Google Play store.


In general, the developers do a really good job with speed. The bet slip receives chosen wagers relatively immediately, which is critical for in-game wagering. The larger pages, however, sometimes take longer to load. We haven't encountered any major lag or disconnects.


Similar to the web-based platform, the sportsbook app has a beautiful appearance with an easy-to-see blue/yellow on white background. There is not much empty room here.


View and layout are both rather simple, with no distracting elements. The front page prominently displays upcoming games for all the major sports, including the NFL, NBA, MLS, etc., and each of these sports has its own dedicated tab. To avoid clutter, the bet slip is stashed away in a hamburger menu. The live chat option and the support section are both easily accessible. But with all the new FOX Sports-focused features that have been introduced, the home page is starting to feel a little crowded.


The buttons react quickly to touch, possibly too quickly. However, there shouldn't be any issues once you get the hang of it. Find the event you wish to bet on before creating your bet slip or building. Once you've located the wager and tapped on it, a betting slip will appear.


You now have two choices available to you. The first step is to place a single wager immediately. The alternative is to keep looking for wagers and make a parlay (two or more options) or round-robin (three or more selections) wager. You can also cancel bets from the slip by tapping an icon.


FoxBet Sportsbook ReviewWhether you use the web-based platform or the mobile app, the sportsbook is exceedingly simple to use. Additionally, simple tasks include looking through betting offers and contrasting odds.


Once more, the home page is becoming a little busy, but so far, it's not a big deal.


Additionally, since they may not be familiar with the offers, new players may find the promotional page to be a little perplexing. We suggest ignoring the celebrities associated with each advertisement and the accompanying blather in favor of focusing solely on the offerings, as many of them bring considerable value.


Regular daily promotions from FOX Bet include odds increases on particular bets, "can't lose" bets that guarantee players a full refund (in the form of a free bet), and other chances to receive free bets. You have many possibilities to earn free bets at FOX Bet, including their "Parlay Club," which awards you with a $10 free bet every week you place parlays totaling at least $50.


Check out all that FOX Bet has to offer including the FOX Bet app today.