DJ Wild Stud Poker at BetRivers

By Betmaker Team

The goal in DJ Wild Stud Poker is simply to have a better hand than the dealer has. The game features three decks of cards that will include a Joker. This poker-style casino table game has four deuces and one Joker that are the Wild cards. The player is handed five cards at the start of the game.


DJ Wildly Stud Shuffle Master created the online poker game Poker, which is marketed by Scientific Games. Let it Ride, Mississippi Stud, Four Card Poker, and Caribbean Stud are all produced by the same company. There is no reference to a nightclub or music concept in DJ Wild Stud Poker, nor does the name DJ suggest a party animal. It represents the two most significant cards in the game, deuces and jokers.


The player must place equal wagers on the Ante and Blind positions at the start of each round. Additionally, if the player loses and the dealer finishes the round with a better hand, there is an optional side wager called Trips that pays. Following the placing of bets, the dealer is dealt five cards and the player receives five cards. The next stage is to carefully examine the cards and determine whether to proceed with the Play bet or Fold (forgive the Ante and Blind wagers). The Trips bet will not expire even if you Fold. You will double your Ante wager if you choose to place a Play bet.


Next, the dealer will look at his cards. The dealer will declare which hands lose after comparing the other hands to his. The player can receive a payout of 1 to 1 on the Ante and Play wagers and different rewards for the Blind wager based on the value of the hand if they defeat the dealer's hand.

Hand rankings are listed as you would see in normal poker except for the wilds.


Five Wilds

Royal Flush

Five of a Kind (Quints)

Straight Flush


Full House




Two Pair




Five Wilds are worth 1,000 to 1, Straight pays 1 to 1, Flush pays 2 to 1, Full House pays 3 to 1, Quads pays 4 to 1, Straight Flush pays 9 to 1, Quints pays 10 to 1, Royal Flush pays 50 to 1, and so on.


The Joker is always regarded as a Wild card in this game. Nevertheless, depending on whether the player wishes to put together a winning Trips hand or not, deuces can be utilized as Wild cards and natural cards. The Ante, Blind, and Play wagers push in the event of a tie. The player will be paid out 2,000 to 1 if they put together a Five Wilds hand while the Trips bet is active.


The Two Way Bad Beat wager is an additional possible bet offered by DJ Wild Stud Poker. The idea of losing and still getting compensated is welcomed in this upgrade wager. In order to win the Two Way Bad Beat wager, the player and the dealer must both have three of a kind or better; a tie is not permitted. The player can still play Two Way Bad Beat even if they choose to go for the Fold. Payments are made according to the losing hand; if a player beats the dealer with a Royal Flush, they will be paid 10,000 to 1.


The RTP for the base game is 98.9883 percent, and the RTP for trips is 99.3329 percent.


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