College Football: Week 5 Market Movers

By Mike Rose

Not the greatest of showings for the college football market movers report last week, but we still did manage to add a bit to the bottom line at PointsBet Sportsbook. Notre Dame cruised to an eye-opening win in Chapel Hill, Cincinnati kicked the front door in late in the fourth, and Oregon State was able to give USC fits like the betting market expected. We swung and missed with Michigan State, but Kansas just barely got ahead of the number versus the Dookies in a game that honestly could’ve gone either way.


There’s been some head-scratching line movement on the college gridiron in Week 5 – Let’s dig into it!


Wisconsin -9.5 to -7 (2.5 point move)

CFB bettors look to be enamored with Brett Bielema’s return to Madison on Saturday. So much so that the betting line has dropped 2.5-points in the Illini’s favor by way of receiving 71 percent of the bets and 65 percent of the money. Illinois enters off extended rest while Wisconsin just got skunked in the Shoe. No interest here, but tread carefully!


Florida State -5 to -7 (2 point move)

Brutal spot here for the Demon Deacons who had Clemson on the ropes but failed to land the finishing blow last week. Now they must travel to “The Doak” and take on the undefeated Seminoles.


With FSU fully adept at stopping Sam Hartman through the air and Jordan Travis likely to have a field day running the offense, I can see why sharps have moved the number to beat in favor of the Noles regardless of Wake garnering a bulk of the bets and 65 percent of the money.


Tulsa +11.5 to +9.5 (2 point move)

After backing Luke Fickell’s Bearcats in a big way last week against Indiana, the betting market is reversing course in this week’s trek to Tulsa. The Golden Hurricane has taken in a whopping 79 percent of the bets and 85 percent of the money forcing linemakers to drop the number to beat below a key number.


As great the ‘Natti has been the last three seasons, Tulsa always gave them a game in covering each of the last three. I think they might actually be able to win this one - take the points and sprinkle that +260 money line!


Ole Miss -5.5 to -7 (1.5 point move)

With Will Levis and the Kentucky Wildcats already going into “The Swamp” and defeating the Gators earlier this season, the betting market wants as much Kentucky as they can get in this week’s throwdown at Ole Miss. Bothersome however is the line bumping up to +7 regardless of the visitors hogging 74 percent of the bets and 64 percent of the money.


The reverse line movement leads me to believe Kentucky has its hands full dealing with the best defense it's run up against all season; on the road no less - Lay the home chalk!

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Mississippi State -2 to -3.5 (1.5 point move)

As rough it’s been watching Jimbo Fisher’s kids attempt to run offense (No. 108), the betting market looks to be avoiding Texas A&M like the plague in this week’s visit to Starkville where Will Rogers and the Dawgs vaunted passing attack will await.


Mississippi State has taken in better than 80 percent of the bets and 90 percent of the money pushing the number to beat past a key number. However, the Aggies No. 10 ranked pass defense could prove to be the speed bump that makes things incredibly rough for the Mad Scientist’s offense to excel. I’m leaning Gig ‘Em here!


Oklahoma -4.5 to -6.5 (2 point move)

Mid-week wager reports found Oklahoma getting 62 percent of the action and 66 percent of the money for this week’s trek to Fort Worth where they’ll run with the Horny Toads. The number to beat got as high as -7 before coming back down to -6.5.


In what’s likely to be a back-and-forth score fest, I’m leaning more towards taking those points with Max Duggan and a TCU squad that sports the better of the two defenses. This early kick could really go either way, so gimme those points!


San Jose State +1.5 to -3 (4.5 point move)

Wyoming has long been known as being a team that knows how to protect its house. Having already gone 3-0 SU as a host and already knocking off Air Force as 17-point home dogs a few weeks back, the Cowboys turning into a 3-point home dog after initially hitting the board 1.5-point chalk certainly caught my attention.


Someone out there thinks highly of the Spartans with San Jose State getting 74 percent of the money. I have no dog in this fight, but that’s a move that mustn’t be ignored.