Best Sportsbooks for Live Betting

By Betmaker Team

The day of betting on just the side, total and a few futures are long since over, as you can bet on a wide variety of things at online sportsbooks, including live betting. With live betting you can bet continually while the games are in progress. Live betting has exploded in popularity in recent years and there are many different choices on the board at online sportsbooks. Which sportsbooks offer the best live betting options? Are all of the sportsbooks the same when it comes to live betting or are there some differences? Let’s take a look.


Best Live Betting Sportsbooks

When it comes to live betting, most online sportsbooks offer a selection of live betting options, but there are a few sportsbooks that stand out above the rest. They are SugarHouse, FanDuel, DraftKings and BetRivers. We’ll also mention PointsBet simply because they offer some options that no other sportsbook has.


SugarHouse Live Betting

You may not have thought that SugarHouse would top our list for live betting, but they offer a great variety of live betting options. They also offer live streaming, allowing users to stream games live on their phones. Not all sports are available for live streaming, but the feature is extremely popular and gives SugarHouse a nice edge on many competitors.


SugarHouse also is one of a select few sportsbooks that offers drive-by-drive betting for NFL games and they offer pitch-by-pitch betting on MLB games. Not many sportsbooks have these features as part of live betting and that is another reason why SugarHouse tops our list for live betting.

SugarHouse also has a match tracker for live betting on all of the major sports. This match tracker features a live clock and displays the current data in real-time.


FanDuel Live Betting

FanDuel has a large selection of live betting options and they feature a big menu of instant bets. Not only can you bet on what you think will happen next, you can also take part in FanDuel’s PlayAction contests. Those contests are played with virtual coins at the moment, but that could change sometime soon.


PointsBet Sportsbook Review

FanDuel is very well known for their countless live props. You can bet on live props on many of the major sports. You can also track those sports with the Live Match Tracker at FanDuel. The tracker features a live clock and displays the score in progress with notations for which team has the ball. Live streaming is also available at FanDuel, although that feature is normally only available on tennis and some international sports.


DraftKings Live Betting

The live betting odds available at DraftKings are impressive, as there are countless live betting options and props. DraftKings also offers a live match tracker and they list live scores. The live prop bets offered by DraftKings are popular, as are the instant live betting choices. Whether you want to bet on who will score next or something like how many strikeouts a pitcher will have, DraftKings has those live betting options.


DraftKings features a live game tracker that updates in real time as the game unfolds. The DraftKings live game tracker is impressive for NFL games, as it lists a number of statistics while the game is in progress and the tracker even shows a virtual NFL field.


BetRivers Live Betting

One of the top sportsbooks for live betting is BetRivers. They have a plethora of live betting options in addition to live instant bets, live match tracking and live streaming. There are numerous live betting choices available on all of the major sports.


BetRivers gives players the option to bet a wide variety of instant bet options. You can bet on which team will score next, the type of score, etc. BetRivers has a live game tracker that keeps bettors up to date on all of the action and BetRivers also offers live streaming on a limited number of sports.


PointsBet Live Betting

We are mentioning PointsBet in the live betting section even though their live betting options are not that impressive. What is impressive is the unique options available at PointsBet. PointsBetting does not use the fixed odds to determine your payouts but instead bases the payout on how far the actual result is from the spread or total. Live betting options are limited to the live spread, moneyline and total and not much else.


PointsBet does offer instant bets where users can bet on the results of the next play. PointsBet also does not offer a live match tracker or live streaming so the big selling point for live betting at PointsBet is PointsBetting.