2023 NFL Draft Props – SEC and Big Ten Players

By Phil Simon

Previous articles regarding the 2023 NFL Draft touched on the highest ranked players and where they could end up or where they’d be picked. But what about the schools those players attended? And, yes, there is a NFL betting prop for what collegiate football conference will have the most players selected in the first round or the entire draft. It’s obvious that the Power 5 conferences have the best teams thanks to having the best talent. Widely considered the best conference in college football, the Southeastern Conference (SEC) is tops on the board for most players selected in the first round with an over/under of 11.5.


The prop bet has also been modified to include the number of first round selections for each conference. For example, if you believe the SEC will have the most players taken in the first round but you want to wager on the Big Ten Conference, you can do that as well. That’s the beauty of having a vast prop market. The current over/under for first round picks from the Big Ten is 8.5. We’ll explore the NFL odds on those prop bets and where you can potentially make money from the draft at BetRivers sportsbook.


2023 NFL Draft


The first round of the draft is set to take place on Thursday, April 27 at 8 p.m. ET. Rounds two and three are set for Friday, April 28 at 7 p.m. ET with rounds four through seven on Saturday, April 29 starting at Noon ET. The entire draft will be televised on ABC, ESPN and NFL Network.



2023 NFL Draft Props


Without a doubt prop bets are fun and add a level of intrigue and excitement to the first NFL event fans can actually wager on since the Super Bowl. The draft has taken on a life of its own over the years with young men looking to fulfill their dreams of playing in the NFL. The last step before that dream becomes reality is playing ball in college, and those with a better chance of fulfilling their dreams achieve that at the best football schools in the country.


In 2022, for the 11th time in 12 years, the SEC had the most first round selections matching a record for the second-most with 12. Over the past 16 drafts the league has averaged nearly 10 opening day selections. So it’s no surprise the SEC is a massive favorite to again top the country in first round selections. Instead of pitting conferences against each other, oddsmakers have a straight over/under for each Power 5 league, which we’ll take a closer look at.


Number of SEC Players in First Round of 2023 NFL Draft


Under 11.5 ( -250 )

Over 11.5 ( +170 )


Things change every season, however a constant over the last several decades has been the dominance of the SEC on the college football landscape. The conference record for most first round picks is 15 with the SEC matching the second-most last year with 12. That’s a lot players from one league and with one fewer pick on the first day with the Miami Dolphins stripped of their first-rounder, the UNDER looks like a smart play. But it will cost you with -250 juice. The league has the top prospects on each side of the ball in QB Bryce Young and EDGE Will Anderson Jr. Those two are expected to go within the first four picks. Along with two top defensive prospects, the SEC has a bevy of offensive linemen that could go in the first round. And as much as I would like to bet the OVER at plus odds, I don’t see 12 players from the league taken among the first 31 picks.


Number of Big Ten Players in First Round of 2023 NFL Draft


Over 8.5 ( -250 )

Under 8.5 ( +170 )


Skill players from the Big Ten don’t stand out like the SEC, but C.J. Stroud is a top two selection and Jaxon Smith-Njigba is widely considered a first round talent despite missing a majority of last season due to injury. It’s always the guys selected lower in the round and those who play the grinder positions that throw these props for a loop. As many as three offensive linemen, two edge rushers and a linebacker could be taken in the first 32 selections. Toss in the two players listed above and one of three top ranked secondary prospects and the Big Ten easily hits the OVER on this prop. However, those fringe players are also the ones that drop to the second round or lower and while I can see more than eight players taken on the first day, I can also see fewer than that number. And with odds favoring the UNDER I’m inclined to back that NFL prop bet.


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