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NHL Picks – Hot and Cold Teams for January 3-9

As the action heats up after a long holiday break, NHL Betting activity has quickly increased with a strong handle. Fans and gamblers were starved out by the pandemic

NHL Betting – Who is Hot & Who is Not for Dec 28-Jan 2

Now that the NHL is supposedly going to come out of its collective cave and start producing games, it is a good time to get re-acclimated with who is hot and who is

Hot and Cold Teams for NHL Betting

As the traditional Christmas break approaches, this is a good time to evaluate which NHL teams are bringing home the bacon and which ones are letting gamblers down. This is an aggravating

NHL Hot and Cold – 12/15

We’re nearly 30 games into the NHL season as teams continue to battle for positioning in the conference standings. The Toronto Maple Leafs have taken over the Eastern Conference, leaping the Capitals and the

NHL Hot and Cold – 12/8

The NHL season is 25 games through as teams continue to battle for positioning in their respective division races. At the moment, the Washington Capitals appear to be the top dog posting a 16-4-6 overall record.

NHL Hot and Cold 11/23

Another week is in the books and we’re seeing a few teams make significant moves in the NHL standings. Colorado remains the hottest team in hockey having won five straight to move into ninth place in the West.


We’re a month into the NHL season and some teams are beginning to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. The Carolina Hurricanes have been a step above the rest in the Eastern Conference, jumping out to a

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Presidents Trophy Futures

Did you know that you can bet on a team to win the Presidents Trophy in the NHL? Many people forget all about betting Presidents Trophy futures, as they instead focus on Stanley Cup futures or odds to win the

NHL Team Props

Did you know that you can bet NHL team props when you bet on hockey? NHL team props are available before the season begins, during the season and during the games. There are different types of NHL team props

NHL Player Props

You can bet NHL player props before the NHL regular season begins, during the season and during the game. The most popular NHL player props are the ones available during the game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t

NHL Live Betting Props

Props betting always makes for a good time. And in the right situation, props betting can bring a strategic element. Live betting takes this to an entirely new level. With live betting props, you can adjust

NHL Live Betting Strategies

Live betting opens up a plethora of new strategies for gamblers to employ. And for contrarian thinkers, it can provide a path to profits. Live in-game betting has revolutionized sports gambling. And for the

NHL Live Betting

Sometimes a National Hockey League game turns in an unexpected direction. Some tilts end up defying all expectations. For example, a lousy team can jump out to an early lead over a good one. Or two low scoring

NHL Props

Sports gambling can and should be serious. After all, you are betting your own money on games. It is an intense experience, especially when you lose. On the other hand, it’s essential to try and have some fun while

NHL Totals

Many gamblers are hesitant to bet on certain NHL games where there is a heavy favorite. That means that a considerable price must bet on the money line for minimal gains if that team wins. And should the team lose,

NHL Money Lines

The money line is the most common way to bet on NHL hockey games. The beauty of the money line is its simplicity. All you have to do is pick the straight up winner. Instead of laying or taking points like a

NHL Spreads and Puck Lines

NHL betting has two primary ways to bet on a side (team) to win. There is the straight money line, in which a gambler lays odds on the favorite or takes odds on the dog. This wager is the same type of odds used for

NHL All-Star Weekend Betting

By Phil Simon

Taking a cue from the NBA, the National Hockey League changed its all-star game format to include more than just a matchup of the league’s best players going against each other. That outdated