UFC Betting Odds

By Betmaker Team

UFC betting odds are on the board at top online sportsbooks throughout the year. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the top mixed martial arts organization in the world and UFC betting odds are by far the most popular among MMA odds at online sportsbooks. Mixed martial arts have gained a lot of popularity over the past couple of decades and betting on UFC events is very popular. There are UFC events scheduled all throughout the year and that means UFC betting odds are on the board all the time.

UFC Betting Odds

UFC betting odds for the most part are money lines and round options for each fight. With high profile fights there will also be some UFC props where you can bet on how the fight will end and in what round, but for most fights you will just see the money line and the rounds. Unlike some of the other sports, there are no pointspreads, as you are simply betting on one fighter against another fighter. Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you have Conor McGregor taking on Dustin Poirier. You might have McGregor listed as the favorite. It would look something like this:


Conor McGregor -170

Dustin Poirier +140

Rounds 2.5 (Under -145)


In this example you have McGregor listed as the favorite. If you wanted to win $100 on McGregor then you would bet $170 to win $100. You could bet any amount you want and it would be the 17-10 ratio. If you liked Poirier you would wager $100 and if Poirier got the win you would win $140 plus your $100 returned. You would get the 14-10 equivalent on whatever amount you chose. If you wanted to bet the rounds to go under 2.5 you would lay $145 to win $100 or the 14.5-10 equivalent. If you liked the over you would be getting +115 for every $100 wagered. You may also see a prop simply on whether or not the fight goes to a decision. This prop doesn’t have you worrying about the rounds, as you are simply betting whether or not the fight goes the distance.


UFC Prop Bets

If you want to get a little more specific when betting UFC odds then you could choose to predict how the fight will end. You will have options on McGregor to win by KO or TKO, McGregor to win by submission or McGregor to win by decision. You would have those same three options on Poirier. You may also see UFC props on what round the fight will end in and you would be getting plus money on many of those props. If you like McGregor to win by KO or TKO you could bet that prop and instead of laying -170 you might be getting +120. UFC props are something to consider in UFC betting odds.


Value in UFC Betting Odds

When it comes to sports betting it is all about finding value and that applies to UFC betting odds as well. Your goal is to find value when betting on UFC fights. Normally in sports betting there is not much value in betting favorites but that is not the case with UFC betting odds. The favored fighter in UFC betting wins at a pretty good rate so if you are going to take a shot with underdogs you really have to pick and choose your spots. You can’t simply bet all favorites and win, but if you are going to be successful in UFC betting, you have to bet some favorites. What you can do with favorites in UFC betting is put them into parlays. It is really hard to lay big prices in sports betting, but you can put some of those hefty UFC favorites into a parlay and produce a reasonable return.


In addition to betting a fighter to win you might want to consider complementary bets to go along with your main wager. You could also bet the fighter to win by KO or TKO and you could bet the rounds to go over or under the total. That way you have more ways to win in UFC betting.

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