How to Play Slots


The rules for slots are one of the simplest set of rules for any casino game. Simply insert a coin and try your luck by pulling the handle or push the spin button. It is a popular game for beginners because it is just them against the machine, all they have to do is try to hit the jackpot by matching the highest paying symbols on one of the pay lines. Before playing, read the posted material on the machine. It's up to you to fully understand all information concerning the number of coins to insert, lines of play, winning combinations, prizes and awards.


All slot machines display the payoffs and those that work in a certain way have instructions on them. There are many different slot machine games. Jackpot size, combinations, symbols, size and number of coins allowed in each play vary as well. Modern slot machines are completely electronic. Symbol combinations come up randomly and machines are pre-programmed to return a certain percentage to the players. To the player, a slot machine returns on average between 85% and 98%. The average casino advantage is calculated to be around 9%.


Object of the Casino Slot Game

The object of the game is to achieve a winning combination of symbols to win a corresponding jackpot.


How to Play Online Slots

The Slot Machine has 3 Digital Displays


Paid - The number of coins won from the last pull


Credits - The total number of coins remaining in your balance. This value will adjust according to the coin denomination setting of the slot machine


Coins - The number of coins to be bet on the next pull.


The Slot Machine also has 4 Buttons

Cash Out - Resets the number of coins being bet to 0, returning them to your balance.


Spin - When at least one coin has been bet, the spin button will become enabled. Clicking the spin button will cause the reels to begin spinning. Alternately, the player may also click on the slot machine arm to pull it down and start the reels spinning. Note that cashing out or inserting more coins is not permitted once the reels have begun spinning.


Bet Max - Allows the player to quickly bet the maximum number of coins permitted by the machine and immediately spins the reels.


Bet One - Bets one coin at a time. Once the desired number of coins is bet, the player must spin the reels manually by clicking on spin or the slot machine arm.


The Bets


Select a denomination for the slot machine (25¢, 50¢, $1, $2 or $5). This will set the value of each coin played. Next, deposit one to three coins into the machine -- use the Bet One button to bet one coin at a time, or use Bet Max to bet the maximum coins allowed by the machine (balance permitting). Finally, click on the slot machine's arm or click the spin button to begin the reels spinning. Note that the Bet Max button will automatically cause the reels to beginning spinning immediately.


The Pull


Each reel will begin to spin and one by one stop on a random symbol. The resulting combination of symbols determines the payout.


Casino Slots – Gambling Tips

For the best odds on winning, always play the maximum bet. For example, if a machine takes a maximum bet of five quarters, place the five-quarter bet. This gives you the best odds of winning long-term if you get a good hand, and progressive jackpots are based on playing the maximum coin amount.


If you can't afford to play the maximum amount of coins, don't play that machine. If dollar slots are beyond your gaming budget, drop down to a quarter machine. In the long run, you'll always do better if you play four quarters versus one dollar or five nickels instead of one quarter.


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