Presidents Trophy Futures

By Betmaker Team

Did you know that you can bet on a team to win the Presidents Trophy in the NHL? Many people forget all about betting Presidents Trophy futures, as they instead focus on Stanley Cup futures or odds to win the division, etc. The advantage to betting Presidents Trophy futures is that you don’t have to worry about any playoff results. You are simply betting on which team will finish with the most points during the regular season. Let’s look at Presidents Trophy betting and some things to remember.

Presidents Trophy Betting

When you bet on a team to win the Presidents Trophy in the NHL you are betting on a team to finish with the most points. In the event of a tie in terms of points, the Presidents Trophy will go to the team with the most wins. Unlike Stanley Cup futures betting, Presidents Trophy betting is only for the regular season. It doesn’t matter if the team you bet wins the Stanley Cup. You are simply betting on regular season results and that can be a comfort to some bettors, as they don’t have to worry about the unpredictable Stanley Cup Playoffs.

When you wager on Presidents Trophy odds you will see odds ranging from 2-1 to 100-1 or more. For example, you might have the Tampa Bay Lightning listed at odds of 3-1 to win the Presidents Trophy and the Las Vegas Golden Knights listed with odds of 4-1. If you wanted to wager on the Lightning you would get 3-1 on your return if the Lightning won the Presidents Trophy. If you wagered $100 you would win $300 and have your original $100 returned. You could wager any amount and get 3-1 on your return. If you wagered on a team that had odds of 100-1 and they ended up winning the Presidents Trophy you would be paid out at the big odds. For example, if you wagered $100 and that bet cashed, you would be paid out $10,000 for the winning wager, plus get your $100 back. You could also wager just $1 and win $100 if the wager turned out to be a winner.

Presidents Trophy Advantages

When you bet Presidents Trophy futures you are betting on the regular season and that means you don’t have to worry about the best team flopping in the playoffs and not winning the title. You will handicap the Presidents Trophy just as you would the Stanley Cup, but the advantages you get with the President’s Trophy are two-fold. First, you don’t have to worry about your team getting through the grind of the Stanley Cup playoffs to win your bet. Second, your bet is paid off at the end of the regular season, so you get paid much earlier than you would with a Stanley Cup futures bet.

Presidents Trophy Disadvantages

The only drawback with a Presidents Cup futures wager is that the odds are usually lower than they would be for a Stanley Cup futures wager. Oddsmakers realize that the Stanley Cup Playoffs can be a bit of a crapshoot, so the odds on Stanley Cup futures are higher than those on the Presidents Trophy.

Keep in mind that Presidents Trophy betting is also a regular season bet, so you can’t hedge out of anything during the playoffs. This is not a huge issue, but it is something to remember.

One final thing to keep in mind with Presidents Trophy betting is that most sportsbooks will take this wager down once the season begins. It is not as popular a wager as Stanley Cup futures and sportsbooks have no real incentive to keep updating the odds throughout the season.

Presidents Trophy betting doesn’t get the attention that Stanley Cup futures betting gets, but there are definitely some plusses to betting Presidents Trophy futures. There are not really any substantial minuses, so you should definitely take a look at betting teams to win the Presidents Cup the next time you are looking at NHL futures.

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