NFL Game Props

By Betmaker Team

There are hundreds of props available for every NFL game, and even more available for primetime games. Football reigns supreme in the United States, and sportsbooks have been keen to capitalize on its prominence by offering a multitude of betting odds on each game. The list of props can be endless and tough to get a handle on at first, but you will become more familiar with them over time.

Standard NFL Game Prop Bets


Many of the game props available each week in the NFL revolve around scoring. The vast majority of these props are self-explanatory. There are props for which team will score first and which team will score last, props for which team will score the first touchdown, props for which team will score the first field goal, and props for a team scoring in the first 7-8 minutes.

You will also find props for whether the team that scores first wins the game, odds on whether a safety will be scored, and over/under bets on the number of field goals and touchdowns that are scored.

The first time you look at this enormous set of offerings, you might think why would anyone wager on such minute things? What would inspire someone to wager on these odds and ends? Well, it’s because there can be advantages to each wager, and there are some people that want to get in on the action from the outset.

For instance, you might be able to determine the first 10 minutes of a game pretty well. There might be a team that always defers to the second half when they win the coin toss, and they might be playing an opponent that always wants to start on offense. If that first team has a great defense and a great run game, and the second team has an inept offense, you might want to make a variety of wagers. In that case, you would probably want to bet on the first score being after seven minutes and make a wager on whether the team that gets the ball first wins the game or not.


There are also wagers on turnovers in the game. You can bet on whether the first turnover will be a fumble or an interception, whether a team will make a fourth down conversion, and on the total number of interceptions thrown in the game. These can be some fun wagers, and a way to spice up a dull game if two bad teams with bad quarterbacks are squaring off.
Weather can make these types of bets fun and interesting too. A game with a lot of rain or wind can create havoc for both offenses, leading to a mistake-filled contest. Snow can make a major impact as well, but we don’t see turnovers as often in these games.


You might see plenty of other props too. There are betting odds available on a host of other types of props, and you could even see cross-sport props for primetime games. These could include things like whether a game will have more field goals than a certain NHL team has goals on a specific night, or the number of pass completions for a star quarterback against the number of points for an NBA player.

Player Props

One of the most popular ways to bet on NFL games with props is to use player props. There are props available for each team’s quarterback, several receivers, and one or two running backs for each game. These can be some great moneymakers if you get in-depth into the matchups, particularly if you have a contrarian instinct.

Quarterbacks have odds listed for their number of passing yards, number of completions, number of touchdown passes, and number of interceptions. There is also a head-to-head option when it comes to betting quarterbacks in the same game, and mobile quarterbacks will have odds available on their rushing totals.

Running backs have totals available for their rushing yards and total touchdowns, while receivers usually have receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns. Additionally, there are odds available for a player’s first rush or reception and how many yards they will be able to pick up of that play.