NBA Team Props

By Betmaker Team

Props betting has taken on a life of its own in recent years. The explosion of online gambling has forced sportsbooks, both brick and mortar and online, to be creative in offering as many different types of bets as possible. Props betting has come the most extended way as far as a buffet of formerly unavailable options. Additionally, the increased popularity and coverage of the NBA feeds into this props bet frenzy. Team props are a fun way to have a multitude of different bets on the same game. Today we will examine the other kind of prop bets that are commonly available for NBA games. So too will we explore the different wagering strategies available to gamblers for these prop bets.

First Team to Score

Perhaps the most basic and easiest NBA team prop bet is which team will score first. Fortunately, thanks to advanced stats, this is an easy prop bet to handicap. Just as there are trends for every type of NBA betting angle, so too will there be team wagering patterns for this prop bet. Some clubs have a knack for getting the first bucket of the game, while others need some time to loosen up and get the juices flowing. Every NBA box score will have a play-by-play icon to click where you can find out which teams score and which clubs allow the game's first points.

Team Totals

A team totals prop bet is similar to the over/under total bet in a game. But instead of betting on the combined score of the two teams in a game, a team totals prop bet only takes into account the club of your choice in the matchup. Of course, you can bet on each team's team total in a game if you so prefer. The best way to handicap a team totals prop is to research the club's current overall form and the recent point totals it has scored against the opponent in question. Depending on the matchup, a particular team may consistently score over or under a certain amount versus its opponent.

Race to 20 Points

Which team will be the first to score 20 points in an NBA game? This is another fun prop that you can wager on. And there is data that can help fortify your decision. Some teams will consistently break out of the starting gate of games quickly, while other clubs will flop and continually fall behind early in games. Most surprising is that good teams will sometimes struggle to be the first to score 20 points in their games, while bad teams may consistently jump out to early leads, only to fade down the stretch.

Depending on the sportsbook you use, you can get odds on the race to 30, 40, 50, or different point totals. Yet the same handicapping techniques will apply, regardless.

Over Under on Total Team Free Throws

Some NBA teams have the knack of drawing a lot of fouls. And that can lead to some higher-than-average totals from the charity stripe. By contrast, other NBA teams end up perpetually in foul trouble and surrender more free throws than other clubs. All of this is easily researched under team stats. Keep in mind you will find other teams that don't draw or commit as many fouls as other clubs, setting up the possibility of under the total for these props. You will also want to track team free throw shooting percentages, etc., for handicapping this wager type.

Over/Under on Total Team Rebounds

Yet another outstanding team prop opportunity comes in the form of team rebounds. Some teams will dominate the glass and be good potential over bets. Other NBA clubs are soft and don't like to crash the boards, making them potential under the total candidates. Keep in mind when handicapping this question, you must take the opposition team into account. A high rebounding team may not total as many boards when up against a comparable club and vice versa.

Team Props by Quarter

Good handicapping is all about uncovering trends and patterns. Specific teams are most productive in certain quarters of a game. It is important to compare how teams perform in certain quarters for points, free throws, rebounds, etc. You can also get props on teams for the first and second halves too.