NBA Live Betting Strategies

By Betmaker Team
Live Betting Strategies
It is easy to understand why gamblers love live in-game betting. Live betting is a sports handicapping version of hockey line changes during the play. With live betting, bettors can adjust on the fly. Previous bets that you made for the game that may not be working out can be corrected. Or better yet, you may find an opportunity to further capitalize on an original bet that is working out. NBA wagering offers tremendous live betting opportunities to exploit. Let’s examine where to find them, what to look for, and mistakes to avoid.

Live Betting Overview

If you are not familiar with NBA live betting, that is not a problem. Now is a great time to explain how it works. NBA live betting works like the betting odds you see before the game or at halftime, with one notable exception. NBA live betting lines are continuously updated during the game. This means that a favorite before the game could be an underdog with the live betting lines. A game slated to go over the total may instead be an under the total play with NBA live betting odds.

NBA live betting lines react to how the game is going. The odds are also reactions to lineup changes, lead changes, momentum, and injuries. The wagering lines will continuously change for NBA live betting based on these in-game events.

Look for “Market Correction” Opportunities
The most important thing to do with NBA live betting odds is to compare the opening line to what you see at present. Remember, NBA live betting odds are based on a reaction to what is taking place in the game. Also, the live game odds reflect how the public perceives what is taking place on the hardwood. Like a stock trader, you should assess bets under or over-performing, judge the value of the live betting odds, and then adjust accordingly.

Live Betting Strategy for Favorites

Take an example of a favored team in the game you are tracking NBA live betting odds for. If this favorite is down several points at any time during the game, you might want to consider taking that chalk on the live line. That is because even if the favored team doesn’t cover the opening spread, they could well cover the live betting line(s) posted at specific times during the game. You may find that the live betting lines are so advantageous for the favorite compared to the opening line that you are getting a bargain on the board during the game.

Live Betting Strategy for Underdogs
An opposite strategy is just as apparent for underdog teams. If the pregame underdog is leading, you may want to compare the opening full game odds to the live betting odds and make a correction bet. By the same token, if the underdog is trailing badly during the game, the live betting odds may offer a healthy alternative to the opening line.

Games Correct Themselves
Regardless, if a team is a dog or a favorite, the more a game is off track from the opening line, the more probable it will come back on course as the action progresses. The better you can mark when the game has peaked at going off the path, the better the comparable line will be to what the game opened at. These principles apply to both sides and totals.
Don’t Overreact to Injuries

An injured player will often make the live betting lines move more than any other factor. The betting public often gets played like a Stratovarius in such situations. The oddsmakers know that if a key player leaves a game injured, the masses will load up with bets against that team. Therefore, it is essential to stay well-grounded in these situations and not get sucked into overpaying.

You may even want to consider betting against the public in injury situations and take the team with the injured player. That is because that team is almost certain to be getting more points than what is merited.

These same principles apply to in-game substitutions, end of game lineup changes when the straight up outcome is inevitable, or dramatic changes in the game’s momentum are followed by a time out.