World Series Bets

By Betmaker Team

The World Series remains the most significant event, and gambling draws for Major League Baseball. At the end of each October, the World Series pits the National League champion against the American League champion in a best of seven series. The easy way to bet on the World Series is to lay odds on the team you think will win the championship. However, there are many other ways to wager on the Fall Classic. Today we will examine all of the World Series betting options and offer some helpful hints for success along the way.




A future bet on the World Series is the most basic bet you can make. You simply lay or take odds on a particular team to win the World Series. For example, the Los Angeles Dodgers opened as a +400 choice to win the 2021 World Series. That means that for a $100 bet on the Dodgers, you will be paid $400 if LA wins the World Series.


Keep in mind that you can make a future bet on the World Series both before and during the regular season and playoffs. So too, can you make future wagers on the World Series as the Fall Classic takes place!


Money Line Side Bets


A money line bet on a World Series game merely is laying or taking odds on a team to win a specific game. For example, in game six of the 2020 World Series, the Los Angeles Dodgers were priced at -115, while the Tampa Bay Rays were a +106 dog. Gamblers taking the Dodgers would lay $115 to win 100. At the same time, those betting on the Rays would bet $100 to win $106.


Run Line Side Bets


For gamblers that want the extra cushion of 1.5-runs, the run line is a viable betting alternative. Returning to our 2020 World Series game six example, the Dodgers would be priced at -1.5 (+155), and the Rays would be at +1.5 (-189).


To illuminate, if the Dodgers win the game by two runs or more, they will pay $155 for every $100 wagered. If the Rays win the game or lose by only one run, they would pay $100 for every $189 bet.


The Dodgers won game six by a score of 3-1, thus winning the run line wager.


Over/Under Total Bets


Again, let’s stick with game six of the 2020 World Series for our over/under total example. The over-under for game six was eight. That means that gamblers choose whether the combined final score between the two teams would go over or under eight. Since the Dodgers won the game 3-1, the combined score of four made under the total the winning bet.


Five Inning Bets


Once upon a time, starting pitchers were expected to go all nine innings or come close. Well, times have changed. Now a good start for a pitcher is roughly five innings. For gamblers who miss the handicapping emphasis on starting pitching, betting on the first five innings winner can be advantageous. Five inning bets are similar to first or second half betting in football and basketball. The team that leads the game after five innings of play wins the bet. All innings after the fifth is irrelevant in the outcome of the wager. In five inning bets, the respective team bullpens are not nearly as important as is the case for a full game.


Live In-Game Betting


In the World Series, managerial wheels are always turning. Thus, there will be more pitching changes and substitutions. And that is why live in-game betting has become vastly more popular through the years. With live in-game betting, there are new odds continually posted on the game in progress. You can bet sides and totals at different prices live than what was posted before the game. A relief pitcher, runners in scoring position, or a pinch hitter call all trigger big live betting moves.




World Series prop bets are a lot of fun, and the choices are limitless. Necessary World Series props include such items as odds on who will be the World Series MVP, who will hit the most home runs, drive in the most runs, score the most runs, steal the most bases, register the most strikeouts, record the most saves, etc.