MLB Team Props

By Betmaker Team

In this era of online sportsbook gambling, there are many ways to bet extending far beyond the traditional side and total wagers. MLB team props are a fantastic way to diversity your action and have some fun. While we are not about to tell you that there are scientific handicapping methods for all MLB team props bets, in some cases, you can accurately try to figure out the most probable outcome. Today we'll examine MLB team props and which ones offer some handicapping skills and those that are simply fun to try and guess. Before we look at MLB team prop betting, let's first examine the differences in pricing and commission structures.

Higher Juice for Prop Bets

Since MLB team props betting has more varied and random outcomes than regular gambling, the commission, also known as vig or juice, will be higher. Ultimately this means that you will pay more for your losses on MLB team props bets.

On a normal MLB side and total bet, you will get what is known as a 10-cent line, similar to the 10-percent upfront charge of a pointspread bet. This commission goes to the house for operating the sportsbook. Assuming the sportsbook gets equal betting action on both sides of a game, they will make a nice profit from the 10-cent commission and call it a day.

However, it is more challenging for a sportsbook to get even action on both sides by the very nature of prop betting. Thus, a commission that can reach in the area of 40 cents is assessed upfront. That means instead of the typical $110 to win $100, you may instead have to lay $140 to win $100. Of course, these prices can be higher or lower, depending on the prop bet, but the juice is almost always higher.

Lower Betting Limits

In like manner to the higher commissions charged by the sportsbook for MLB team props, you are usually not allowed to bet as much on props as a regular wager. Again, that is due to the random and more exotic nature of props wagering.

Now let's look at the various MLB Team prop bets offered at online sportsbooks.

Team to Score First

This one should be fairly obvious. The team that scores first in a game can be handicapped and tracked based on past results of the team and the starting pitchers.

Score in 1st Inning

The first inning score is the two teams' combined runs in the first complete Inning of a game. This MLB team prop can also be handicapped by researching the teams' past results and starting pitchers.

Margin Of Victory by the Winning Team

How many runs will the winning team win by? You can help forge the best guess by reviewing items such as average runs scored and allowed per game for each club. Head-to-head results of past contests can help handicap this MLB team prop too.

Odd or Even for Total Combined Runs in a Game

Will the final combined final score of the game end up with an odd or even number. You can help ascertain the best guess by researching each team's final scores and past head-to-head results.

Game Total for Runs, Hits, and Errors for Both Teams

This one is a lot of fun. Betting on the two teams' final total for runs, hits, and errors can be handicapped with the past results in the head-to-head series and the two clubs' recent overall form.

Total Home Runs By Two Teams in a Game

The total home runs in a game combined between the two teams can be researched as well. Again, look over the past head-to-head results and the two ball clubs' recent performance.

Will the Game Require Extra Innings?

Some teams tend to end up in a lot of extra innings games. Others can avoid them. Research both clubs and see if anything stands out for this easy yes or no bet.

Don't Get Carried Away

There are other MLB team props that you will often see as well. Whichever props you bet on, it is best to do so for entertainment purposes and not take these bets seriously. Just have fun and save bullets for more significant battles ahead.