MLB Player Props

By Betmaker Team

You can bet on more than just the side and total of a baseball game at top online sportsbooks, as you can bet MLB player props. Not only can you get more action by betting MLB player props, oftentimes you can find information that will make you a winner when betting MLB player props. Let’s look at exactly what an MLB player prop is at the online sportsbook, give some examples, and let’s also look at some things that can help you win money when betting MLB player props.

MLB Player Props

What exactly is an MLB player prop? A MLB player prop involves wagers on the statistics of an MLB player in a particular game. Those props can involve just one player or they can involve a matchup where you are betting one player against another player. Some examples of MLB player props include:

Total Hits, Runs and RBI’s

Total Strikeouts

Will the Player hit a Home Run?

Will the Player get a Hit in Today’s Game?

Most Hits, Runs and RBI’s Matchup

Most Strikeouts Matchup

For example, you might have a prop on how many total hits, runs and RBI’s Bryce Harper may have in a game with the total set at 2.5.

Total Hits, Runs and RBI’s – Bryce Harper

Over 2.5 (-115)

Under 2.5 (-115)

If you think that Harper will get a combined total of hits, runs and RBI’s over 2.5 then you would bet the over. If you think he will go under 2.5 then you bet the under. The wager is a flat bet where you wager $115 for every $100 you want to win or $11.50 for every $10 you want to win. A normal wager in sports betting is usually $110 to win $100 but you will oftentimes see the 15-cent line on props because sportsbooks have found that props are easier for players to win at; thereby they charge more vigorish on those wagers.

It is not just the batters who have MLB props attached to their name; you may also see MLB player props on pitchers. The most common prop for pitchers is how many strikeouts they will have in a game.

MLB Player Prop Strategies

If you do your homework you may be able to find some nuggets that are helpful when betting MLB player props at online sportsbooks. The big key is to analyze the batter/pitcher matchups. There is no question that some batters simply do better against some pitchers than against others. There are many good baseball websites that have MLB player stats where you can look up how a batter has done against a particular pitcher in their career. A couple of the most popular baseball statistic websites are Fangraphs and Baseball Reference. If you don’t want to do too much digging then you could simply look at ESPN and get some good batter/pitcher statistics. Let’s look at an example.

Let’s say that the Braves are playing the Nationals. You find out that Max Scherzer is pitching for the Nationals so you look up how the Atlanta batters have done in their career against Scherzer. You notice that Dansby Swanson of the Braves is hitting below .200 in his career against Scherzer so you bet Swanson’s MLB player props under. You also notice that Ronald Acuna Jr. is hitting almost .300 in his career against Scherzer so you bet his props over the total.

It is important when you are betting MLB player props to shop around for the best lines and for the best matchups. Just because you don’t see a particular matchup at one sportsbook does not mean you won’t see it at another book. You may also see different prices on the various matchups. Line shopping is always important in sports betting and that includes MLB player props.

Keep in mind that the limits on prop bets are almost always lower than regular side and total bets. Sportsbooks realize that prop bets can be beaten, so they are going to limit their exposure by reducing the amount you can wager on each prop. For most people that is not an issue as the limits are high enough to accommodate 99% of bettors, but for the professional prop bettors they will have to make their wagers at multiple sportsbooks to get the total amount they want on a prop.

Make sure to check out the latest MLB player props available at top online sportsbooks today.