Live Dealer Speed Blackjack

By Betmaker Team

Players preferring the cut and thrust of a speedy game of Blackjack can now get their fix on these superfast tables. Every aspect of the game has been tweaked to provide the quickest table game experience without sacrificing the quality and enjoyment of the game.

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Key Features of Speed Blackjack Live include: Seven Seat Blackjack played to Vegas Rules using an 8-deck dealing shoe. Dealing with players on a first-come, first-served basis. The faster you act, the sooner you’ll receive your cards. The players receive their Third cards in priority order, to the players that act the quickest after the dealer has received his second card.

Players can pre-set decisions for splitting, doubling, standing, and hitting. Should a player fail to make a decision, the game will automatically stand the hand if it’s Twelve or over and hit if it’s below Eleven.

A Deal Now Button alerts the dealer that you’re ready to receive cards. The button is only in play when 2 to 3 players are at the table. 30% quicker than a traditional game of seven-seat Blackjack. Side Bets of 21+3 and Pairs plus the ability to Bet Behind when the table is full. RTP of 99.59%.


Speed Blackjack plays like a regular game of Blackjack. The primary difference is the speed of dealing the player’s 3rd and subsequent cards.


Blackjack is about beating the dealer, with two ways a player can achieve this. Firstly, by having a higher hand value up to and including 21. The second way to win is for the dealer to Bust Out his hand while you still have a hand in play. Identical hands will be Pushed, with the player’s bet returned to him when this happens. A Blackjack beats a Twenty-One.

Caesars-Banner-3In the regular game, the dealer usually deals the cards from left to right, but this is relatively slow, and the main reason developers created their version of Speed Blackjack.

Players are encouraged to use the pre-decision facility to keep the game flowing, which signals to the dealer the action the player wants to take on his hand.

The order in which players respond with their Pre-decisions dictates how the dealer deals the extra cards. You’ll see the 3rd cards given to the players in what appears to be a random order. The process repeats until all players stand or bust their hands.


The quicker a player decides, the sooner he’ll receive the cards. Speed Blackjack follows Vegas rules, so the dealer can check for Blackjack when he has an Ace.

Playing Rules of Speed Blackjack Blackjack

Speed Blackjack uses eight decks of playing cards. The dealer takes two cards on the initial deal. The dealer stands on all 17s (Hard and Soft). Double down on the initial two cards only. Only one card is allowed. Split Hands, where the first two cards form a pair. Only one card is allowed on each hand of Split Aces.

No Double-downs are allowed on split hands. Dealer checks for Blackjack when showing an Ace and offers insurance. Blackjack pays 3:2. Insurance pays 2:1. When the player and dealer’s hands tie, the main bet is returned to the player as a push.

Benefits of Playing Speed Blackjack

The game is quick, with a 10-second betting time. There is no hanging around waiting for the other players to act. The fastest players get their following cards first. Pre-defined auto decision-making is possible. The game takes auto-decisions if the player fails to respond within the time. Speed Blackjack is an upbeat game with the dealers playing a central role in making this an exciting game. Good chat, even though the game is quick. Side Bets to give an extra edge to the game.

Hints and Tips

Know the rules of Blackjack before you start playing. Use Basic Strategy to ensure you play the hands as optimally as possible. Just because it’s quick doesn’t mean you must make stupid decisions. If you want to get your cards last, decide before betting closes. Don’t play the side bets if you have a small bankroll relative to your bet size. Use the “Deal Now” if only a few players are at the table.

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